If your bud could speak, it would probably say to you “stop storing me in mediocre places–I only have one life to live before you burn me alive…” Your bud is right. As humans, we have a responsibility to keep our flower happy during its short, short life. Not only is Smokus Focus the superior storage option (we’re not biased at all), but we’ve taken time to explain why you want to steer clear of “the others.”

Why Other Storage Devices Don’t Compete

Mason Jars

Mason jars can get the job done, but we hope you feel really bad when you use Grandma Rose’s sacred jars to store your bud. Not only were those mason jars used to store Gram’s family secret marmalades and jams, but the legacy of your bloodline lives deep in the grain of those glass fibers. We just hope none of your family members are rolling around in their graves when you casually throw your bud in them…

Cigar Humidor

In theory, it seems like a fantastic idea. It worked for your old man, keeping those Cubans as fresh as the day they were rolled. Cedar wood has oils which can transfer and influence the flavor of your bud. Propylene Glycol is also found in humidors to regulate humidity which can oversaturate your precious buds. You probably weren’t expecting such legitimate reasoning, but that’s what we’re here for.

Plastic Bag

The only things plastic bags are good for these days are storing turkey sandwiches and making sure your bud gets completely smashed to pieces. If you don’t care about deli sandwiches, then care about this: a flimsy bag will not protect your flower from getting obliterated from outside forces. Don’t leave your bud feeling broken and forgotten.


Using up your tupperware is a very dangerous game to play. Next time you make too much mac n’ cheese and don’t have any extra tupperware to store the leftovers, you will end up eating three more servings than your stomach can handle. This will leave your intestines in at least 8 hour of distress.

Cardboard Box

If you’re using a cardboard box to store your bud, there’s only so much we can do for you. Explaining everything wrong with a cardboard box will take far too long to write, and since it’s 2020, no one will take the time to read that many words anyways.

The Winner: Smokus Focus Jars

It’s child proof, it lights up, it’s airtight, and it’s fun to look at–we’re not biased at all, these are all factual statements. Smokus Focus stash jars are the way to go if you don’t want to offend any of your bloodline, eat too much lactose, or make your bud feel worthless–end of story.

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