The Comet Infinity


The Most Innovative, Pocket-Sized Stash Jar

Think of the Comet Infinity as The Comet’s better-looking twin. Along with the ability to store up to a quarter of a flower, this airtight, childproof stash jar not only features outstanding magnification, but infinite LED lighting with an added rechargeable battery. The Comet Infinity’s unique features, along with its affordability makes this stash jar stand out from the rest!

The Comet Infinity is perfect for dispensaries looking to showcase their strains, retailers featuring Seed to Sale growers, and of course consumers storing flowers in the coolest, most affordable way possible.

Featuring a rechargeable battery, users can now spend more time showcasing their flowers under radiant LED lighting, and less time changing out batteries.

The Comet Infinity’s side walls create the perfect opportunity for added sticker customization. Whether looking to exhibit strain information or company branding, the Comet Infinity stash jar is the perfect option to showcase flowers while marketing your brand in a way that has never been done before.

Smokus Focus Comet Infinity Key Features

Smokus Focus Comet Infinity
What’s In The Box

The Comet Infinity Display Jar

One Year Warranty

Blister Packaging for Retail Display

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