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Comet Infinity Stash Jar

The Comet Infinity Stash Jar is the Smokus Focus stash jar that offers the most value for your dollar. The stash jar combines practical storage, child resistant certification, and top shelf display with game-changing design. The Comet Infinity has all the features of the Comet jar, but also contains a rechargeable battery.

Top-shelf cannabis growers, processors, producers, and dispensaries around the world use the Comet Infinity as a way to showcase and package their harvest in a more sustainable and memorable way. In addition, the Comet Infinity stash jar is the only packaging type buyers want to actually keep, making it a fantastic sustainable alternative to cheap, single-use packaging.

Our jars are guaranteed to make a great impression on your customers and keep them coming back for more. The Comet Infinity often receives better shelf placement inside of stores than other types of packaging due to its interactive qualities. Many dispensaries feature a strain of the week/month at each checkout register.

This jar not only features an airtight seal that guarantees freshness, but also comes with a high-power magnifying lens on its lid and high-power LED lights that will show off the best qualities of your flower. Furthermore, its rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes this jar a top contender for seller packaging, dispensary display, and at-home use.


The Comet Infinity stands out with a truly unique, sleek design along with impressive features, including:

  • Offered in both Black and White
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Completely airtight seal
  • Child Resistant Certified latch
  • Easy-to-open square lid
  • High-quality LED lighting
  • 5X magnification

Because the Comet Infinity is now CR Certified, it can now be safely used as a compliant top shelf packing option for your flower.

Smokus Focus Comet Infinity Key Features

comet infinity-4


  • 3.5-gram capacity
  • Weighs just 1.6 ounces
  • Measures 2 x 2 x 3 inches


The Comet Infinity was designed with long-term use in mind, both before and after a sale. The Comet Infinity features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, giving it a longer lifespan without the need for battery changing or replacement. Additionally, you can easily recharge this jar using the included USB-C charging cable.

The Comet Infinity is also compatible with accessories from our store, including the quad pod and silicon insert, both of which can be used to level up your display and top shelf storage.

These jars offer a near-360 degree view of your product so that you can show off the best of your highest quality buds while keeping them stored and fresh.

Who Is the Comet For?

We’d recommended the Comet for cannabis growers, grow shops, head shops, and dispensaries.

These jars are ideal for sustainable packaging, retail sales, corporate branding, education, and even photography purposes.

The Comet for Delivery Services

The Comet Infinity is also the perfect choice for delivery companies. It is compatible with most high-volume packaging machinery such as those from Canapa Solutions and other robotic packaging equipment.

We’re sure that you can impress even the most seasoned cannabis buyers on the market with our unique and versatile packaging products.

The Comet Infinity for Dispensaries

Dispensaries worldwide already use the Comet Infinity to display and package their selection of flower. The Comet Infinity’s sleek and powerful design enhances the retail experience and can showcase the careful craftsmanship behind your top-shelf flower.

The Comet Infinity is great for dispensaries and their checkout counters where space is limited. Its magnifying lid and LED light make browsing an interactive and memorable activity for your customers and enhance their retail experience.

Comet Infinity jars are also a very simple upsell inside of a dispensary. Stack these next to your lighters and rolling papers so that your customers can store and showcase their top shelf flower after purchase.

The Comet Infinity for Connoisseurs

The Comet Infinity is the jar that customers want on their smoking trays. Its rechargeable battery feature and sleek design are ideal for cannabis users who want to keep their flower fresh and showcase their products simultaneously.


Cleaning our stash jars couldn’t be easier! Simply use a microfiber cleaning cloth and water to thoroughly clean your Comet Infinity stash jar without damaging it.

Buy with Confidence

We stand behind the quality of all products we sell. With that said, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return any Comet Infinity jar for a full refund.

You can purchase Smokus Focus stash jars on our website and our official Amazon store. These purchases also come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on our stash jars. For jars purchased through other Amazon sellers, warranty claims must be submitted directly to that particular Amazon seller. You can read more about Smokus Focus’ warranty policy here.

Smokus Focus Comet Infinity

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