Smokus Focus founders Sam Whetsel and Danny Einhorn both have backgrounds in retail and a 20-year background as heavy cannabis users! With cannabis legalization sweeping the country, we were eager to check out the dispensaries. When we shopped around, we were surprised at the variety of experiences. Mostly they were not so great!

We encountered uneducated bud-tenders who couldn’t explain what we were buying. We went into stores that seemed like we were in someone’s mom’s basement. But most importantly, we noticed that all the product that we had traveled far to see was largely hidden from the customer!

Show us the flowers!

As retailers ourselves we were competing with the internet and that was a tough battle. To keep customers coming back, we had to create an in-store special experience that would break the monotony of the daily grind and give people a story to share and a reason to come back. We felt like this was missing from a lot of dispensaries.

The first stash jar we created was the Eclipse and this stash jar proved to be a very useful tool for dispensaries and bud tenders to display and sell flower. After the release of the Eclipse, we got valuable feedback from customers to fully understand the needs of the market. In the last 5 years, we have applied our magnifying and LED technology to develop an engaging product line for top-shelf packaging, storage, and display.


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