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Rocket Science 101

Apollo Jars


Mission Control Display Unit

Excite. Engage. Educate.




LED Lighting
Magnetic Wireless Charging
Lithium ion batteries
USB-C cable
Security tethers
Lockable Lids
Magnetic Strain Label Holders

Significance for the Industry

Mission Control by Smokus Focus represents the pinnacle of premium cannabis display. The
features were conceived through years of observing the needs of customers and vendors and
figuring out how to get them as close to each other as possible while providing an intimate

experience with the plants.

The Best of the Best

Through years of study we identified several key features for display that make retailers

successful. Excite, engage, educate, SELL.

Science Behind the Products

Using the color black on high-wear areas and the color white on reflective areas, we optimize the
product for each use case. The jars will automatically turn on when picked up which creates an
intuitive experience where the plant is almost telling the user that it wants to be looked at more
closely. When the jar is returned to the charging station it will turn off and start charging again,
a feature that is handy for retailers to keep the jars charged, but not on, at all times. The Apollo
jars are made with a glass body which, for many, is the preferred medium for storing cured



Apollo Jars are compatible with the single unit charger that comes stock with each jar. They are
also compatible with the Mission Control 6-unit display system. Each Mission Control 6-unit
display comes with a tether that allows several Mission Controls to be linked together with one

charging cable.

Compatible Accessories

-Theft proof security tether
-Tamper evident security cable
-Quad Pod specimen holder
-Security lid-lock

-Premium silicon inserts for concentrates



Attaching Lid to Jar

Use the arrows on the sides of the jar to line up the indents on either side of the lid and jar.
Connect the lid to jar and then turn the lid 45 degrees to the right. You will hear a click, ensuring
that the jar is now closed and the electronics are interacting. If the light doesn’t turn on, this
may indicate that the lid is on backwards and the electrical connections are not making contact.

If this is the case, simply flip the lid around 180 degrees and try again.


Countertop Mounts

There are two countersunk screw holes with screws included for seamless mounting to your
countertop. To access the screw holes, compress the ball pins down on the sides of the 6 unit
charger. While compressing the ball pins, slide the top of the Mission Control away from the
lower base. This will reveal the screw holes. Find a place on your countertop and screw the unit

in. Take the top and slide it back on.

Adding Jars

Simply place one jar on each charging port. Make sure that the Smokus Focus logo is facing
away from the security tether. This allows the security tether to go into the back of the jar and
also allows customers to put strain labels on the front of the Mission Control display.


Security Tethers

These are built into the back of the Mission Control display. Use the included allen key to tether

your jars to the Mission Control display.


Display Labels

The included display labels will attach to the front of the Mission Control display using magnets.


Replaceable Components

-Charging base
-Charging cable


Social Media

Tag us in your display at @Smokus.Focus on Instagram to be featured on our social media



Mission Control and Apollo come with a 90 day warranty from manufacturers defects. Bent cables are not
included in the warranty. If damaged, these can be replaced at
Warranty does not cover any use other than intended use. Evidence of misuse, abuse, water
damage, being dropped, or sustaining other impacts will all void the warranty

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