Where can I purchase Smokus Focus Products?

Smokus Focus jars are available through our online store at www.SmokusFocus.com or The Smokus Focus official Amazon Store – www.amazon.com/shops/SmokusFocus or If you would like to purchase Smokus Focus products for Wholesale, please reach out to our exclusive US distributor HBI International. www.HBIInternational.com or 1.800.420.4372.


How do I clean Smokus Focus Products?

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth and water in order to wipe down Smokus Focus jars with no damage. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL FOR CLEANING SMOKUS FOCUS PRODUCTS. Smokus Focus cannot be held responsible for jars damaged by using corrosive cleaning agents such as alcohol or soap.


Does Smokus Focus fulfill orders worldwide?

As of now, Smokus Focus can fulfill orders in the US, Canada and Mexico through our website and our official Amazon store. We are in the process of adding retail fulfillment for: UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. If you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer in Europe, South America, or Australia, please fill out the application here and someone from Smokus Focus will get back with you.


How Long is Smokus Focus Warranty?

All Smokus Focus jars come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty for jars purchased through HBI International, www.SmokusFocus.com and our official Amazon store. For jars purchased through other Amazon sellers, warranty claims must be submitted directly to that particular Amazon seller. The Smokus Focus warranty link is located at the bottom of our homepage or click here.


What is the difference between the Smokus Focus Middleman and the Smokus Focus Eclipse?


How long do Smokus Focus products hold a charge?

Smokus Focus Stash Jar: 10 Hours Smokus Focus Middleman Jar: 10 Hours Smokus Focus Escojar: 10 Hours Smokus Focus Eclipse Jar: 12 Hours Smokus Focus Horizon Jar: 12 Hours Smokus Focus Jetpack Jar: 2 Hours


Can I get a custom Smokus Focus jar?

Smokus Focus Custom jars are available in quantities of at least 500 units. In order to start this process, please fill out the application here. Please note that a non-refundable 50% down payment is required for custom orders.


Are Smokus Focus jars airtight?

All Smokus Focus jars are airtight. Over many generations, Smokus Focus has improved the seal on our jars. Our latest generation (Eclipse and Horizon) offer the best seal of any of our products.


How can I become a dealer for Smokus Focus?

If you would like to become a Smokus Focus wholesale customer in the US, visit: https://hbiinternational.com/signup/ and fill out their dealer application.


What is the warranty on the Smokus Focus Launchpad?

Due to the delicate nature of the Smokus Focus launchpad and associated hardware, the Launchpad comes with a full 90 day warranty against manufacturer’s defects.