The Eclipse

The Most Versatile Flower Display Jar Ever

The Smokus Focus Eclipse jar is our benchmark display jar, the standard by which all other jars are measured. Sought after by flower afficianados and retailers alike for its spectacular views, versatility, security compliance, clean design, airtight seal and quality components, the Eclipse easily overshadows the competition.

With a bright ring of recessed LED lights, crystal-clear magnification lenses and a sharp, eye-catching profile, it looks incredible displaying your favorite herbs or collectibles.  Featuring scratch-resistant acrylic glass, an airtight silicon gasket and a lockable lid, the Eclipse is rugged enough to be thrown in a backpack, beach kit or the trunk of your car.

Factor in its USB-C fast charging 12 hour battery with LED rechargec indicator light, and you’ve got a brilliant display jar that’ll be shining bright well into the night.

For retailers, the Eclipse features complete retail security compliance with our optional Smokus Focus security tether, allowing you to rest easy while your patrons browse.  And with a volume of 16 cubic inches, there isn’t much you can’t display.

Smokus Focus Eclipse Jar Key Features

What’s In The Box

Smokus Focus Eclipse Jar

Smokus Focus User Guide

USB-C Charging Cable

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Smokus Focus Anti-Theft Zip Tie

-Optional Accessories-

Security Tether 

Metal Lock with Specialty Key

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