Prepare For Take Off
The Jetpack - September 2019


Take a Closer Look

Flower aficionados and hobbyists alike don’t just want to display their wares and prized possessions—they want to make them irresistible.  That’s why they can’t get enough of Smokus Focus LED display jars.

What Are Smokus Focus Display Jars?

Picture it: You’re in a shop or at a friend’s house, and a striking illumination catches your eye from across the room. Bright light draws you in, and before you know it, you’re holding in your hands the most beautiful display jar you’ve ever seen.

LEDs wrap the display in brilliant light.  The crystal-clear acrylic and powerful magnification lens give you a nearly microscopic view of every color, every detail, every nuance of the contents.  You realize this isn’t just a display—this is a work of art.

From retailers and customers to collectors and hobbyists, people recognize that Smokus Focus jars do more than just display your products and possessions—they elevate them.

Innovative Design and State-of-the-Art Technology

Some brands are just synonymous with trusted quality, which is why everyone looks for the Smokus Focus name.  They know they’re purchasing the very definition of quality display jars, all featuring the cutting-edge components that make them the best on the market.
With high-output LED lights, lightning-fast USB-C charging, Secure Locking, Tethering and more, Smokus Focus display jars are truly state of the art.

Hyper-Bright LED Lights
Crystal-clear Magnification Lenses
100% Airtight Seal
Lightning-fast USB-C Charging
Secure Device Door Lock
Retail Friendly Security Tethers


Prepare for take off with the all new Smokus Focus Jetpack display and storage jar! Peek through the powerful illuminated magnification window and smell the contents. This isn’t just a display jar, it’s the do-it-all display jar designed for everyone.


Massive improvements have been made on the Smokus Focus Eclipse. Improved LED lighting, more magnification, security compliance and USB-C charging make the Smokus Focus Eclipse the top choice for appreciators of fine flower. Subtle improvements offer tremendous value. With our newest security enhancements, Smokus Focus Eclipse jars are now compliant in all known retail flower markets.


The Smokus Focus Horizon Jar is appreciated by flower enthusiasts worldwide. The new and improved Horizon jar provides an unmatched flower carrying and viewing experience. The Horizon now features enhanced recharge-ability and brighter LED lights at its lowest price yet. The stash jar of the world just got better…


Check out our latest and greatest accessories now available. Enhance your flower viewing experience with a variety of accessories.

For So Much More Than Herbs and Flowers

Love fishing? Everybody has their favorite trophy on the wall. How many have the fly or lure that landed their monster catch in a beautifully glowing display jar? The only thing more impressive than your trophy is the story behind how you caught it. Illustrate that story with a Smokus Focus display jar.

Think old-school coin collecting and stamp collecting are relics of the past? Think again— they’re each multi-billion dollar markets. Collectors and retailers the world over are looking for the latest, greatest ways to display, store and package their rarest specimens, and they’ve found them with Smokus Focus display jars.

Discover what your friends, fellow hobbyists and herbal retailers all over the world have already learned and check out our Latest Products now!

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