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First you Focus…

Flower aficionados don’t just want to display their buds — they want to make them irresistible.  That’s why they can’t get enough of Smokus Focus display jars.

What Are Smokus Focus Display Jars?

Smokus Focus Jars Set the Standard for Top Shelf Flower Viewing and Storage Experience

LEDs wrap the magnifying lens in brilliant light.   The crystal-clear sides and Dual Magnification Macro Style lenses give you a nearly microscopic view of every color, every detail, every subtle nuance of your flower.  When you use a Smokus Focus jar, you realize this isn’t just a display container —this is the most important part of the experience.

Smokus Focus jars do more than just display your flower — they elevate your understanding of the plant.

Innovative Design and State-of-the-Art Technology

Some brands are synonymous with quality and care, which is why everyone looks for Smokus Focus.  They know they’re purchasing the very definition of quality display jars, all featuring the cutting-edge components that make them the best on the market.

With high-output LED lights, lightning-fast USB-C Fast Charging, Secure Locks,  Childproof Lids, Secure In-Store Tethering and more, Smokus Focus display jars continue to be the top choice for growers, sellers and appreciators of fine flower.

Hyper-Bright LED Lights
Crystal-clear Magnification Lenses
100% Airtight Seal
Lightning-fast USB-C Charging
Secure Device Door Lock
Retail Friendly Security Tethers

…Then you Smokus

Smokus Focus Eclipse Stash Jar


Massive improvements have been made on the Smokus Focus Eclipse. Improved LED lighting, more magnification, security compliance and USB-C charging make the Smokus Focus Eclipse the top choice for appreciators of fine flower. Subtle improvements offer tremendous value. With our newest security enhancements, Smokus Focus Eclipse jars are now compliant in all known retail flower markets.


The Smokus Focus Horizon Jar is appreciated by flower enthusiasts worldwide. The new and improved Horizon jar provides an unmatched flower carrying and viewing experience. The Horizon now features enhanced recharge-ability and brighter LED lights at its lowest price yet. The stash jar of the world just got better…

Smokus Focus Horizon Stash Jar
Smokus Focus Eclipse Jar Black with Tether


Check out our latest and greatest accessories now available. Enhance your flower viewing experience with a variety of accessories.

Smokus Focus Can Help Your Business Grow

Experience the Benefits of Innovative Display Jars

Showcasing your stock is of extreme importance in your store, so Smokus Focus display jars are a smart choice. However, the type of jar you use can have a huge impact on your sales, so it is important that you choose innovative display jars that convince your customers to shop and buy. Not all jars are created equally, so you have an important choice when it comes to catching your customer’s eye. Our LED light jars, for instance, captivate your audience and provide a unique viewing experience.

Our display jars also serve another very crucial function, and that is keeping your stock fresh at all times. Our display jars are packed with features to allow you to not only view but preserve your flowers the right way.

LED Light Jars that Enhance the User Experience

At Smokus Focus, we support the user experience when it comes to our innovative display jars.Our LED light jars feature the clearest magnification lenses to allow you to see your flower in immaculate detail, allowing you to appreciate the quality you provide to your customers. Packed with value for you and the customer, Smokus Focus is the top choice for display jars in the country.

Superior Quality and Innovation

With Smokus Focus, you can now showcase the quality of your stock and enhance the customer experience. Superior versatility means you benefit from our full range of jars and accessories that elevate your stock to a brand new level. Shop online today or contact us (843) 466-5655 with any questions you have.

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