If you are like most cannabis shop owners, then you are constantly looking for ways to enhance the customer experience. One of the easiest ways to enhance the experience had by your customers is by using better display jars. The display jars used in your shop will deeply impact each customer’s perception of your flower products. By ensuring the display jars you are using are up to industry standards, you can be certain your customers will have the best possible experience.

Jars Designed With Businesses in Mind

Today’s flower jars aren’t just meant for storage. Also, today’s jars are much more than just clear containers your customers can see through. Some of the best jars on the market, like the Eclipse jar and Horizon jar, have been engineered from top to bottom to provide your customers with an optimal experience.

This experience all starts with the use of a magnifying lens on the top of the Eclipse jar and Horizon jar. This lens lets customers see the trichomes on your buds so they can know just how good they are with a single glance. Plus, these jars have a built-in LED light to really illuminate the quality of your flower offerings.

Start Selling More Flower With Better Jars

Some of the best jars on the market aren’t meant just for storing flower but selling it. For this reason, you will discover that the best jars also have advanced security features like a locking lid and countertop tether loop. Advanced features like these, combined with a great user experience will really help you move lots of product this year. To learn more about these sophisticated vendor solutions, and to inquire about wholesale bulk pricing, check out Smokus Focus jars and accessories at www.SmokusFocus.com.