People who enjoy the use of medical or recreational cannabis need to have a place to store herbs and flowers. While there are some very basic containers that can be used when needed, it is always nice to have features on stash jars that make them more than just practical storage options.

Legal cannabis and medical marijuana storage options are also important for retailers to consider. For both home and retail use, Smokus Focus offers various stash jars for the perfect combination of features.


For retail use in dispensaries or shops, it is critical to have the contents of the jar visible to customers. The various strains of herbs and flowers are readily identified by their color, texture, and overall appearance. This is a helpful component of branding and marketing for retailers to consider.


On the shelf at home or on the counter in a retail location, lighting built-in to stash jars is eye-catching. The use of LED lights that offer extended use on batteries makes a bright display. Choose the models that charge with a simple USB cord connection for convenience.


The best designs for retail or home use of jars and containers for cannabis include magnification lenses. These containers typically have the lens on the top, allowing detailed visibility of the contents of the container without having to remove the lid.

Selecting the right jar for cannabis allows for easy display of the collection at home and in retail outlets. The best quality jars and package is available through our online sales, or call us at 843-466-5655.

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