People already have way too many koozies, keychains, and melt-in-the-dishwasher water bottles. The next time you’re looking for the perfect gift or company-branded giveaway, there’s no question customized Smokus Focus jars are the perfect option for all occasions!

Why Customized Smokus Focus Jars are Really Cool…

1. You’re the Artist

You’re the artist. If you want custom jars with a photo of a giraffe eating a meatball sub on them, you got it. You can also put your brand name and logo on our jars too…which is probably just as cool.

2. Create Lasting Impressions & Increase Brand Awareness

Regardless of what your intentions are for creating custom jars with Smokus Focus, a branded jar will likely have a more lasting impression than any advertisement you put out to consumers.

It’s science–the more someone sees your brand, the more they’ll recognize it, be aware of it, and follow along with your company. Your brand on something as cool as a Smokus Focus jar is the epitome of next-level marketing. You’re welcome.

3. Increase Customer Loyalty

Giving someone a Smokus Focus jar with your brand on it is the same thing as saying to your customers “we love you enough to give you something really cool.” Customers (or anyone) who feel loved and appreciated by a company will likely follow you and be a customer for as long as they have their Smokus Focus jar…which will be a really long time.

How to Customize Your Jars:

It’s honestly really easy… fill out a quick, detailed form on our website and within 48 hours, our people will be in touch with your people.

While orders can take 50-60 days to complete, keep in mind slappin’ your brand on our jars is way cooler than giving out lame keychains.