Packaging is a critical part of marketing, and it is something that is often overlooked by retailers. Hemp products in a dispensary or a smoke shop kept in drab looking containers are not going to attract customers. On the other hand, unique containers, jars, and hemp packaging solutions drive customer attention to the products.

At Smokus Focus, our goal is to provide retailers and consumers with hemp packaging that protects the product while also creating interest. All of our products are made with an airtight seal, allowing for long-lasting freshness.

In addition, with magnification and LED lighting as part of the hemp packaging solution, the jars do not have to be opened to see the herbs and flowers, preserving the quality of the product for extended periods of time.

Unique Shapes

Non-traditional options in the shape of our hemp packaging provide a unique look for retailers. Some of our jars, such as the Comet, are square in shape, making them easy to display while also providing a different look from the traditional round container display.

Floating Jars

Smokus Focus offers one of the first of its kind in a floating stash jar. This is the Launchpad, and it uses electromagnetic fields in the base and the bottom of the jar to allow the container to hover above the pad.

This is a fantastic look for a focused display in a retail outlet. The ability to secure the jar with a tether makes it an ideal option to feature specific products or to draw attention to your brand.

To find out more about our packaging options for hemp or cannabis, call us today at 843-466-5655.