Having a stash of your favorite herb and flower at home is an excellent way to compare different strains and options in hemp and cannabis. Finding a way to store your product so it remains fresh for as long as possible helps you maximize your enjoyment and reduce the waste of throwing out old herb or flowers.

At Smokus Focus, we have createdstate-of-the-art cannabis packaging that is not only stylish and modern but that offers the best quality storage for your purchase. With our selection of stash jars and containers, you can create the perfect system for not only storing but displaying your collection.

Air-Tight Seals

The critical aspect of retaining the freshness of any type of cannabis flower is in the ability to keep out moisture. High humidity levels in the air cause the product to develop mold, while very dry air causes the flower to become brittle and dry.

All of our cannabis packaging solutions offer air-tight seals. When combined with the high visibility and magnification built into the sides of the jar, there is no need to remove the lid to check the contents, also helping to limit any moisture problems.

Storage Solutions

Smokus Focus offer a range of different sizes of cannabis packaging options. To find out more about our packaging options for home or retail use, browse the website and get in touch at 843-466-5655 if you have any questions.