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Denver, CO, March 13, 2019 – Innovative cannabis display company Smokus Focus announced today an exclusive distribution agreement with HBI International, a leading master distributor of ancillary products including RAW Papers and Clipper Lighters for B2B sales in the USA. The deal also includes plans for the jar-maker to introduce a new line of compliant containers for use in dispensaries as well as updates of classic consumer models. “Partnering with HBI International is another solid step in our journey at Smokus Focus to create and sell the most innovative and compliant cannabis display/packaging containers on the market.” said Sam Whetsel, Smokus Focus CEO. “This partnership will help us fully deliver on our strategy to increase market awareness, enhance marketing and sales exposure while providing robust order fulfillment for our customers. HBI is the perfect partner to help us fully realize the business opportunity in the long term. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working together.” The new partnership is expected to spark innovation and additional R&D in product design by maximizing the talents and resources at Smokus Focus, while simultaneously driving scale and efficiency through enhanced sales and distribution channels at HBI International.


Smokus Focus is a global industry leader in cannabis retail display, storage and packaging. In utilizing our proprietary combination of magnification, LED lighting and a fully compliant set of features, Smokus Focus containers create the most dynamic cannabis display and storage experience on the market today. Smokus Focus jars are best for maximizing customer engagement with cannabis both inside and outside of cannabis retail environments. With several new product slated for release in 2019, Smokus Focus plans to offer a one stop solution through HBI International for all flower display and packaging options in the future.

Instagram: @Smokus_Focus
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/SmokusFocus
Website: www.SmokusFocus.com
Phone: 843.466.5655


HBI®’s mission is to increase smokers’ enjoyment by producing and distributing the very best RYO and MYO products in the marketplace. We accomplish this in two ways; first by offering our customers their choice of every high quality Roll-Your-Own product available. Each product evinces a unique style or fills a particular market need. We look for qualities such as eye-catching packaging, ultra-lightweight thickness, excellent paper quality and mouth-watering flavor. We simply refuse to offer what we deem to be inferior goods to our customers, without warning them in advance. The second way we add to smokers’ enjoyment is by producing totally new products ourselves (or with a partner) and by improving existing smoking products.

Instagram: @HBIInternational
Website: www.HBIInternational.com
Phone: 1.800.420.4372


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