Look no further for a cannabis packaging experience your customers won’t soon forget. Our magnifying and brightly lit cannabis storage jars are perfect for displaying your bud to customers without sacrificing style or clarity when showcasing the product.

Magnification and Illumination

The most significant features that set our cannabis packaging apart from the rest are the five-time magnifying, crystal-clear lenses, and recessed LED lights on the top of the jar. Your customers can see every beautiful facet of your flowers without having to handle the product directly. We have a variety of stash jars to choose from, so there are plenty of options when considering what will look best with your displays.

Theft Proof Design

You won’t have to worry about anyone running off with a display jar when using our jars because they each come with an available retail tether that firmly connects the display to your counter with the help of minimal hardware. Now, you can display your bud with confidence, knowing that even when you can’t keep your eye on every customer, the jars will stay where you fasten them.

Our goal at Smokus Focus is to provide consumers and shop owners with an unbeatable cannabis packaging experience. Get in touch with us through the link provided to see what options we have available for your collection of cannabis.

Contact us at https://www.smokusfocus.com to order your favorite jars or to inquire about our other herb related products.