Why Smokus Focus Jars?

With the Smokus Focus Stash Jars, you get more than just your basic container. These jars come with clear, magnified walls and rechargeable LED lighting. The lids are airtight and child-proof for ultimate freshness and safety. Using something like this, whether you’re a grower, seller or just a proud buyer, will make your flower look above and beyond.

Stash Jars come in multiple colors and are 2 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall. They are rechargeable and hold about 12 hours of battery life. The magnifying glass provides a closer look at all the intricacies of your product. These are great for sellers because they can really heighten the shopping experience for your customers. Jars also have a safe tethering feature for sellers to keep jars secured to display counters or shelves. Aside from a microscopic view of you herbs and flower, you can really individualize your display with the LED lighting. These jars can be used to grab the attention of your customers, viewers or maybe just your friends. You can use it as a marketing tool: highlight specific products that you want to make sure are noticed or ones you’d like to sell more of. With Smokus Focus Stash Jars, not only will your stash be safe and fresh, but it will be displayed better than anyone else’s.

Check out Smokus Focus for fantastic, original, and affordable products. Their jars are top quality and a necessity for anyone who wants a heightened experience for their herbs and flower.