Every flower lover craves the relaxing feeling brought about by their stash. Now, where you store your stash contributes a great deal to your stash’s freshness and its ability to bring you the desired effect. So, what makes a stash jar effective?

The following are just some of the factors to look out for when buying a stash jar:

1. The stash jars ability to keep your Stash Fresh

You will agree that you like your stash fresh, right? Therefore you need to select a stash jar that can maintain the freshness of your stash. A jar used to store cannabis should be off-limits to air. It is advisable to buy a stash jar with an airtight lid, especially one with a rubber closure. Once you purchase your stash jar, often check whether the rubber is worn out and replace it and check for cracks on the lid to ensure that your stash jar does not allow any light in.

2. The Quality of the Stash Jar

You need to ensure that you purchase a high-quality stash jar. At Smokus Focus we have been making top shelf flower packaging, storage and display for years. Through constant innovation we have developed the highest-quality stash jars available.

Whether it is your first time purchasing a stash jar for your stash or you are just looking to improve your stash jar selection, Smokus Focus has all the options you need.