Smokus Focus Custom Stash Jars

Retailers, growers, dispensaries and anyone with a brand to promote can benefit from Smokus Focus line of custom stash jars. For over five years, Smokus focus has offered products for top shelf packaging, storage, and display. Smokus Focus jars are now available for customization to showcase and enhance your brand.

Smokus Focus top shelf stash jars provide a convenient and captivating way to store and showcase your product and/or provide samples to your potential clients. Placing your logo onto Smokus Focus jars is the perfect way to keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds while making your brand more memorable and recognizable.


A well-designed dispensary display allows your customers to view your products as well as showcase the different strains and varieties of top shelf flowers available. Incorporating your logo strengthens your brand image and helps make it more memorable. A custom stash jar with an image and color of your choosing can simultaneously showcase your logo, brand, and flower without being obtrusive while your customers are considering their options.


Wholesalers looking to hand out samples to potential wholesale customers need to make sure that their company is easy to remember and comes to mind quickly when the buyer makes a purchasing decision. Delivering samples in Smokus Focus top shelf stash jars customized with a company logo makes it easy to connect your company to that product and leave a lasting impression.


Headshops and retailers can offer Smokus Focus top shelf custom stash jars as accessories for customers to add to their at home smoking setup, giving your brand staying power while encouraging customers to come back for more once their jar is empty. If you have a few variations of your logo or want to customize Smokus Focus jars in multiple colors, customers can even use different jars to keep track of the different strains or products they purchased from you.

Thank you for your interest in Smokus Focus custom jars and products. Please fill out the below required information regarding your company and brand and someone from Smokus Focus will be in touch with you within 48 Hours.

Why Choose Smokus Focus Custom Stash Jars?

Smokus Focus line of top shelf custom stash jars are an all-purpose, versatile, and subtle way of advertising your brand and are great for growers, retailers, and wholesalers. Package, store, and display your products in top shelf stash jars customized with your logo and colors to make your brand more memorable and relevant to your customers. Brand recognition is an invaluable tool to increase sales and encourage repeat customers.

Showcase Your Brand

You provide the logo you want to use, then select the jar color and up to two logo colors, ultimately creating a unique product to help showcase your brand. Once you submit your Smokus Focus custom jar form, you will receive a free rendering in around 24 hours to see how your vision will look on the finished product. Custom packaging is also available to help complement and complete your brand’s image.

Mix Things Up

You don’t have to be limited to just one stash jar size. All of Smokus Focus’s jars are customizable and compatible with each other. Find the size that best fits your goals, or order multiple sizes to use in different ways throughout your business. When you submit your Smokus Focus custom jar form, we will render your logos and colors on all of our jars so you can compare and decide which Smokus Focus product is best for your brand.

Buy What You Need

Custom stash jars are available in quantities of 240, 480, etc. A down payment of 50% is required to begin creating your custom Smokus Focus jars. Production takes between 45 and 60 days from the day the down payment is received until the units are completed. Once the product is finished at our manufacturer, the remaining 50% is due before shipping. We include door-to-door shipping at no extra charge on all of our top shelf custom stash jars on all US orders.

Whether you just want a captivating way to display your top shelf flower products or are promoting your brand to your potential customers, custom Smokus Focus stash jars with your logo and branding are a perfect way to stand out from the crowd in an ever-expanding market.