Smokus Focus Launchpad
All New Design for 2020!

Ever Levitated into outer space?

Introducing the New Smokus Focus Launchpad!

The Smokus Focus Launchpad adds magic to an already intoxicating Smokus Focus experience. Take the Smokus Focus Horizon jar and add weightless levitation to the mix to create a truly one of a kind flower showcasing and mesmerizing display.

Using magnetic reverse polarity, the Launchpad suspends the Smokus Focus Horizon in the air with zero resistance, creating an experience that literally defies gravity.

The Smokus Focus launchpad is available in limited quantities and for a limited time only.

Smokus Focus Launchpad Key Features

Smokus Focus Launchpad

Eco-Friendly Product Display and Storage

The way the world does business is changing. With ever-increasing demand from consumers to avoid unnecessary waste like single-use plastics, retailers everywhere are providing eco-friendly packaging options that satisfy their customers’ environmental concerns.

More and more, patrons are putting environmental sustainability at the forefront of their purchasing habits, basing their choices on how much waste their purchase will produce. Smokus Focus is proud to provide consumers and retailers alike a storage and packaging option that puts the environment first, offering a line of products designed to last years, not days or weeks.

Smokus Focus Launchpad
What’s In The Box

Smokus Focus Launchpad

Levitating Platform

Smokus Focus Horizon Jar (White)

Smokus Focus Launchpad Power Cable

Smokus Focus USB-C Charging Cable

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