The Apollo


Apollo Stash Jar

The Apollo is the absolute top shelf when it comes to cannabis display.  In response to overwhelming requests, we are presenting our first metal and glass jar featuring wireless charging!


The Apollo jar features a 100% airtight seal that guarantees freshness and includes a high-power magnifying lens on its lid for enhanced viewing and displaying. This stash container is a great way to show off the best qualities of your flower and ensure that every nug is kept safe and sound before, during, and after a sale.


Like all Smokus Focus jars, the Apollo has a one-of-a-kind design and unique features, including:

  • Offered in Gold Metal Finish
  • Extremely Clear Glass Magnification and Side Viewing
  • 100% airtight seal
  • High-quality LED lighting
  • 5x magnification
  • Lockable Lid
  • Tetherable to Countertop for Secure Display
  • Wireless Charging with Included Wireless Charging Base
  • Automatic On/Off Power when Jar is Lifted from Charging Base

The Apollo is useful for in store top shelf display next to your budtender checkout station.  Dispensaries can use the Apollo to showcase a featured strain available for purchase at checkout.   Additionally, for home users, the Apollo represents the absolute top shelf display and storage container.  Easily fits into a backpack and exceptionally long battery life.

Quantities for the Gold Apollo are extremely limited so you must act now in order to purchase!


  • 3.5-gram capacity
  • Weighs just 6 ounces
  • Measures 2 inches wide x 3 inches tall


The Apollo was designed with top shelf flower showcasing in mind. The Apollo jar offers a 360 degree view of your flower product so that you can show off the best of your highest quality flower while keeping it stored and fresh.

The Apollo is powered by a lithium ion rechargeable battery and boasts a 5 hour battery life from a full charge.

The Apollo is also compatible with accessories from our store, including the silicon concentrates insert, the USB Charging Hub,  Security Tether and Security Cable Lock.

Who Is the Apollo For?

We’d recommended the Apollo for cannabis connoisseurs, growers, grow shops, head shops, and dispensaries. These jars are ideal for featured display of your most top shelf flower, retail sales, education, and even cannabis photography.

The Apollo for Dispensaries

Dispensaries use the Apollo to display featured flower at point of sale and in a display case.   By featuring specific strains inside the Apollo, you will see an automatic uptick in sales of that particular flower strain.   The Apollo’s unique design enhances the retail experience and can showcase the best qualities of your top-shelf cannabis.

The Apollo’s unique and high end design make it an ideal fit for featured cannabis strains, high end retail store fixtures and as a top shelf retail product.


Our jars are very easy to clean. Simply use a microfiber cleaning cloth and water in order to wipe down Smokus Focus jars with no damage.

Buy with Confidence

You can buy and use our jars with complete confidence. However, if you are not 100% delighted, you may return any Smokus Focus jar for a full refund.

All Smokus Focus jars purchased on our website or our official Amazon store also come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for jars. For jars purchased through Amazon resellers, warranty claims must be submitted directly to that particular Amazon seller. Click here for more detailed information on Smokus Focus’ warranty policy.

Smokus Focus Apollo

What's In The Box

The Apollo Display Jar

Wireless Charging Stand with Surface Attachment

USB-C Charging Cable

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One Year Warranty

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