Four Seasons


Order 10 or more and price drops to $4/unit.

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The Four Seasons divider enables patients and enthusiasts alike to inspect and store up to 4 different strains of medicine at once inside The Middleman. The Four Seasons can easily be placed inside the Middleman and taken out as needed.

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White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Gray, Blue


  1. ryanlrandall (verified owner)

    *** 5-STAR PRODUCT ***

    The first time I saw the “Four Seasons” Divider, I bought one immediately! It is worth EVERY dime. The “Four Seasons” come in every color as the “Middleman.” Also, they are made from the same material and are very well crafted. One can turn the “Four Seasons” Divider in circles and not leave a flake behind. Also, the “Middleman” is the best Jar for so many reasons, but it is a little big for some. Purchase the “Four Seasons” Divider, and say, “Good-bye” to that problem for good.

    And don’t forget… 4 Strains are ALWAYS better than 1. Especially when they are organized in the best Stash Jar ever made! Thanks, Smokus Focus.


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