The Jetpack
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Low Profile, Amazing Features

Prepare to takeoff with the all new Smokus Focus Jetpack display jar.  Inspect you flower through the powerful illuminated magnification window and breathe in the aroma using our all new scent vent.  The Smokus Focus Jetpack is designed for everyone.

Featuring a wider base than the Eclipse and Horizon, the Smokus Focus Jetpack provides a sleek low profile without sacrificing volume, allowing you to easily slip it into a pocket or backpack.  Its wide view magnification lens make it ideal for displaying your favorite top shelf flower, and its built-in scent vent allows you to smell what’s inside while maintaining a 100% airtight seal when closed.

The Jetpack is the first jar in the Smokus Focus lineup to incorporate a childproof, lockable and tamper evident lid ensuring that your contents stay safe and secure while remaining compliant in retail flower markets.

As with all Smokus Focus display and storage jars, the Jetpack features the highest quality components, from its bright LED lighting and high powered magnification lens to its scratch-resistant acrylic glass and lockable, airtight lid.

Smokus Focus Jetpack Key Features

Eco-Friendly Product Display and Storage

The way the world does business is changing. With ever-increasing demand from consumers to avoid unnecessary waste like single-use plastics, retailers everywhere are providing eco-friendly packaging options that satisfy their customers’ environmental concerns.

More and more, patrons are putting environmental sustainability at the forefront of their purchasing habits, basing their choices on how much waste their purchase will produce. Smokus Focus is proud to provide consumers and retailers alike a storage and packaging option that puts the environment first, offering a line of products designed to last years, not days or weeks.

Smokus Focus Jetpack
What’s In The Box

Jetpack Display Jar

Smokus Focus User Guide

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Smokus Focus Anti-Theft Zip Tie

One Year Warranty

Blister Packaging for Retail Display

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