The Jetpack Infinity
All New Design for 2020!

The Jetpack Infinity is the New Industry Standard

Introducing the Smokus Focus JetPack Infinity.

The Jet Pack Infinity improves on our popular Jetpack model with the added benefit of a lithium ion rechargeable battery.

With longer battery life and featuring stunning visuals combined with all necessary features designed to bring the Jetpack into full retail and packaging compliance, the Jetpack Infinity aims to disrupt the flower display and packaging market by offering the ideal retail packaging and display solution from start to finish, now with rechargeability.

The Jetpack Infinity offers an unrivaled option for retail display, packaging and customer use.

Smokus Focus Jetpack Infinity Key Features

Jetpack Infinity Features

Eco-Friendly Product Display and Storage

Smokus Focus Jetpack Infinity
What’s In The Box

Smokus Focus Jetpack Infinity

Smokus Focus Anti-Theft Zip Tie

Smokus Focus USB-C Charging Cable

Smokus Focus Security Tether (Optional)

Smokus Focus Metal Lock with Specialty Key (Optional)

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