At Smokus Focus, we believe the future is bright—and it’s getting even brighter in the Golden State. January 1 marked a milestone for recreational cannabis sales in California.

Did you know 1 in 10 Americans resides in California? The population of Southern California is vastly greater than Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska (the other recreationally legal states in the West) combined, and roughly 39 million of its residents will now all have access to adult-use marijuana.

It’s an exciting time! Whether or not you live in California, this a turning point in the national conversation.


In 1996, California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana with Prop 215. Up until recently, California’s industry remained largely unregulated. Now, with the introduction of recreational sales that was approved by voters in November 2016, a new framework is being put into place for what is expected to be a new $2 billion pot economy in 2018 in California alone. The legal cannabis industry on a national scale topped $7 billion in 2017.

It’s all taking some time to set up, but it seems to be worth the wait. Cannabis consumption and its use, is going mainstream, so you can enjoy it as flower, wax, tincture, edible or salve. There are so many ways it helps, from medical conditions to skin care to pain relief and— depending on the strain and modality. It can even enhance your creativity, sensuality, spirituality, relaxation, athletic performance and productivity.


Are you ready to buy some recreationally state-legal California herb? When you do, we recommend you savor the moment. That’s why Smokus Focus was created – to share the magic of the plant itself.

The LED lights set the stage. The magnifying glass really lets your flower put on a show. Let yourself be mesmerized by its beauty.

We focus on the flower. The more you can really see it the more you can come to appreciate everything that’s going on with this magical and medicinal plant. Take a closer look through our magnifying glass with the LED shining and you will see the colas, trichomes, terpenes, resin, and amber. In order to fully experience the wonder, you’ll have to get your hands on a Smokus Focus jar.


Furthermore, the store locator on our website can help you find a store near you. If there is one, we’d love it if you can support our retailers and invite them to demo the product for you. Here are just some of the stores across the state of California where you can score your own Smokus Focus jar:

Northern California

Haze Dispensary in San Jose

Mount Shasta Patients Collective in Mount Shasta

Cannatopia Growers Group in Alderpoint

Compassionate Services in Santa Rosa

Kind Solutions in Eureka

Vallejo Holistic Health in Vallejo

Central California

Confidential Biotherapy Delivery in Paso Robles

Central Coast Collective in Salinas

831 Organics in Santa Cruz

Cali Alternative Care in Stockton

Southern California

Good Old Dreams in Los Angeles

Humboldt Farmacy LA in Los Angeles

King Kush in Los Angeles

Daddy’s Pipes in Sherman Oaks

Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywood

JNJ Hydroponics in Phelan

True Divine Design in Manifee

Of course, if you can’t find a local retailer you’ve still got options. We invite you to let your favorite dispensary know about Smokus Focus and ask them to consider carrying it in stock. You can also order online.


Then with your dazzling bud and your Smokus Focus jar in hand, take a picture that captures your California lifestyle. Tag @Smokus_Focus and use the hashtags #smokusfocus #stashjar #caligoesrec. While the rest of the country may be California dreamin’, your friends at Smokus Focus will be liking and sharing your Golden State of mind.


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